Mac Freeman (a.k.a. wastetimechasingcars; hottest man alive) is a comedic Youtuber.


Mac was born on October 15th 1991 in Denver. After watching YouTube videos for a long time, Mac created "WasteTimeChasingCars" on September 23rd 2006. His first few videos were responses to videos popular at the time. He also created parodies, such as his SAW 5 Teaser Trailer. In April of 2008, Freeman posted "Kobe Bryant Can't Jump Like Me!" in response to NBA star Kobe Bryant's video of him jumping over a car in "Laker Kobe Bryant attempts massive stunt...and succeeds! Real?". While Freeman had gained a following of over a 1000, this video gained him "viral video" status being the first of his to reach 1,000,000 views. He reached 100,000 subscribers on February 13th 2009.


After becoming a YouTube partner and joining the Top 100 Most Subscribed on YouTube, Freeman slowly climbed up the Top 100 charts, posting videos that have become parallel to his name, such as his Fred and Saw parodies. The peak of his YouTube status came in July of 2009 when he obtained over 300,000 subscribers and was 21st most subscribed of all time.


After Mac was passed by collegehumor in August 2009, Mac started posting videos much less frequently than he used to in the beginning of 2009. Along with him moving to university, he started falling down the YouTube charts. He fell of the YouTube Top 100 in October of 2010, and did not post videos frequently until mid 2011. It was not until September of 2011, when he stated he was going to post a video every week that he gained some of his subscribers back.


WasteTimeChasingCars has posted numerous videos over the course of four years that have gained him an extremely memorable personna. Possibly his most famous was his music video to 3OH3!'s song "Don't Trust Me". While this was removed in April 2009, the video is still available on his website, and is viewed as one of the best videos he has made. Famous for making Saw and Fred parodies, the WasteTimeChasingCars channel posted 3 Saw and 4 Fred parodies over the course of 4 years.